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Courts have recently begun enforcing strict eFiling requirements, increasing eFiling rejection rates across California.

Register for our webinar and we will give you the framework you need to know to increase your court clerk acceptance rate. Our webinar will cover:

  • How the recent enforcement of strict eFiling requirements may affect your business




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Jennifer Hitchman
Account Manager

Joshua Jones
Account Manager


  • Some tips to help you increase court clerk acceptance of your filings
  • A demonstration of our portal showing you how to manage your workflow more productively
Select the date of the webinar you will attend and register for your spot today!

Dates & Presenter

  • Tuesday, May 14 @ 11am PST with Jennifer Hitchman
  • Thursday, May 16 @ 1pm PST with Joshua Jones

Length of Webinar

  • 30-45 minutes with Q&A